Checking-in with SafeZone

Use check-in to share your location while working alone or in an area of heightened risk. There's also a timer to raise an alert automatically on your behalf if you get into difficulties and can't use your phone.

How check-in works

Use check-ins to:

  • Make people aware of your presence
  • Share your location in an emergency
  • Log your presence for administrative reasons

REMEMBER you will be required to allow SafeZone access to your location “at all times” however this location is only shared off device for the duration of the check-in session or if an alert is raised.

Use the check-in timer to:

  • Set a pre-alarm which will activate if it runs down which is useful if:
    • working alone
    • walking home or to a car late at night
    • entering a hazardous or volatile environment
  • Enable fall detection (if used at your organization)