SafeZone News

New Wellbeing Function Added

Wellbeing teams around the world are experiencing increased demand for their services, with young adults being the fastest growing demographic in need of support.

The range of services needed for mental health and wellbeing is varied. Having to account for so many unqiue circumstances, which require different levels of support and have specific operating hours, can be difficult to present in a succinct manner, especially considering those seeing assistance may be in crisis.

The Wellbeing feature can be as simple as a single tap on the user’s smartphone directing them to the relative website, phone number for assistance or bring them to a triage page that lists several options. Importantly, all the above can be tailored based on a combination of WHO presses the button, WHERE the user is when the button is pressed and WHEN they press it.

SafeZone Alliance Launched in Manchester, UK

The University of Manchester, the University of Salford and Manchester Metropolitan University, working with CriticalArc, have created the Manchester SafeZone Alliance.

A global first, the initiative enables the three security control rooms to extend the footprint of 24/7 support beyond their campus boundaries.

For SafeZone users, this means that regardless of the campus they visit, they can expect a response from the host university’s security team should they have any medical or security issues on site.


Video on how to sign up for the alliance

Student and staff wellbeing is always the top priority for our universities and we are pleased to put in place a pioneering cross-city initiative that furthers this shared aim.
Dr Sam Grogan, Pro-Vice Chancellor for Student Experience at University of Salford on behalf of the universities with the Manchester Safezone Alliance group