Getting Assistance with the SafeZone App

Emergency, First Aid and General Help at the touch of a button

How to Raise Alerts

Raising Alerts

  1. Open the SafeZone App
  2. Tap on one of the three alert buttons and wait for the timer to stop (Note: to skip the countdown in an emergency, tap the alert button 5 times fast)
  3. Your alert will be sent and a member of the response team will be in touch to confirm your location and provide assistance.
  4. Once your alert has been dealt with you can end it by pressing the cancel button.


  • If you press an alert button by mistake, don’t worry, you have 5 seconds to cancel it by tapping the button again. If you do this, no alert will be sent. If the alert is sent and someone calls back, please answer. even if it was an accidental press!
  • If you don’t feel able to talk, you can use the chat function by pressing the blue speech bubble icon when your alert has been raised.
  • If you have no WiFi or mobile data, the app will try to send the alert as an encoded SMS. Follow the steps on screen to do this.